Getting Into Cooking Shows

Hey y’all!

Happy weekend! It is a 3 day weekend, and it is important that we keep the meaning of memorial day in our minds and remember all those that have fallen.

That being said, it is only day 1 of the weekend and it has already been lovely. I stayed up until 3 am last night watching cooking shows. Honestly, that is probably what I’m going to do the rest of the weekend as well. I don’t know what it is about cooking shows that inspires you and makes you feel you could become a chef – when in reality, you can barely boil water (I can make the basics, but this makes me feel like I can accomplish anything).

I started with Beat Bobby Flay. If you are not familiar with this show, this is where Chef Bobby Flay has two appearances to judge food that two other chefs make, who are competing to get a chance to beat Bobby himself. Bobby gives them one ingredient that they have to make a meal based off of, in only 20 minutes. Whoever wins that challenge then goes up against Bobby, where they state their signature dish, and Bobby has to make a version of it. They have 45 minutes, and it’s fun because the two appearances then mess with Bobby to try and get him to lose. They have 3 professional chefs come in to taste and judge the dishes, without knowing who made them. It is a -half hour episode- show which is very enjoyable, and I could binge watch these all day.

The next show was called Ginormous Foods. This show follows comedian Josh Denny around to different cities in America to restaurants that have a crazy large dish. I remember one particular episode where there was a 17 lb. burrito. I MEAN WHAT. I think that is enough said about how the show goes. He tries signature dishes in the episode, then gets to help create the ginormous dish. He shares with other customers in the restaurant, which is nice of him. This show is also about half an hour, and I do not recommend watching this show at 1:30 am when you are hungry. It gets rough.

The last show I watched was Kitchen Nightmares. My favorite chef to watch created this – Gordon Ramsay. He is such a character, and I love it (I personally would cry if he talked to me the way he talked to some of the people on his shows, but I like watching it). He visits various restaurants in different cities that used to do well, but has had a downfall. He goes in, orders a dish, and then critiques the food and the environment around him. He observes the decoration, the presentation of the food, how he is served and how other customers around him are reacting. He then goes in the back and looks around, and is able to talk to the owner about the business and gets an insight as to why it is failing. He starts of slow; by sitting in the kitchen during a busy night and seeing how the chef and waiters handle it. Usually, it is chaos but it gets entertaining seeing Gordon start to get mad and let loose. While he may use this approach, he still gives tips and helps out the restaurant in the best ways he sees fit and does his best to assist in turning the business around. It is quite an addicting show and lasts about an hour. The variety in businesses and staff that he encounters keeps it interesting.

It is a beautiful day here today, about 71 degrees (22’C) and it is only 11:30 am. I am going to enjoy some of the day and go buy some food to make a fancy dinner for myself, which is honestly just going to be a glorified grilled cheese. Typical.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend!



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