My Birthday!

Hey y’all!

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday!! May 31st is the exact day, and it was definitely a great day overall. It is Gemini season and it couldn’t be better.

I planned on sleeping in, but my dog had other plans, apparently. He woke me up because he had to go outside, so I mean, it is understandable. After I let him out, my parents and Oma said happy birthday to me. I opened a lovely card and chocolate from my Oma, a Swarovski pen from my brother & sister-in-law (which I did not expect at all) and then an Amazon Fire Tablet along with a case from my parents. I appreciated it all so much, and while I did not expect anything, it made me very grateful.

My parents then made me breakfast, which was delicious as always. My dad made me my favorite chocolate chip pancakes, which was just perfect. I then had to get ready for work after, and then had some cake with my family before I left.

I was genuinely surprised at work to see that many people remembered my birthday, and wished me a happy birthday. It made my heart feel nice. I also received a card, some chocolate and a bottle of Essie nail polish. It was overall very sweet.

After work, came dinner! I went to a Greek restaurant in town with my family and my boyfriend came along. It was delicious as always, and nonstop chatter and laughter with how we all are. I was very happy with it, and it was nice to share that time with the people that mean most to me.

My boyfriend gave me a rose gold Swarovski bracelet. It is absolutely gorgeous and I was LITERALLY the heart eye emoji when I opened it. He spent the night with me so my day was amazing start to finish.

I received so many birthday wishes throughout the day (you all know how much your phone tends to go off on your birthday) and I appreciated them all. My best friend checked on me periodically through the day and it made my day better, just knowing that she was there for me, being supportive throughout.

I think my next post will be a review on the tablet. I really enjoy it so far, and will gladly give my opinion in it.

Have a lovely day!



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