Innsbruck Trip!

Hey y’all!

First things first, I hope you had an amazing weekend and have an amazing week ahead of you! (Also, each time I hear/say first things first, I feel the need to say I’m the realest after. Thank you, Iggy.)

Yesterday, Saturday – June 4th, I went to Innsbruck, Austria with my boyfriend. I was supposed to have a birthday celebration with my friends, but it did not work out, so he insisted on taking me to Innsbruck. It was such a great idea, because it gets us away from everyone and we have our own day to do our thing.

It was beautiful weather. It was about 82 degrees (28’C) with a nice cooling breeze. We used public transportation to get there, and there was quite a bit of traffic getting into Innsbruck. It took an hour longer than it should have, but there was no stress. We still had over 5 hours in the city before we had to catch the ride back, and we made the most of it.

My boyfriend was very thirsty, so we stopped by a little fancy cafe called Vapiano. We mapped out our day from there, and that started it all! We walked to where the river is in Innsbruck, and walked around a small plaza type area around there. We stopped in a few of the souvenir stores, and just took our time wandering. From there, we passed by the Swarovski store, which we HAD to go into. I mean, Austria is the home of Swarovski, so when in Austria, right? While I enjoyed being in the store (I was the most focused I have ever been in my life), I did not find anything that really caught my eye, so that was it for Swarovski. Until next time, though.

Walking in the heat had made me thirsty, so we stopped at another little cafe, where we just got something to drink. Since we had chosen to sit outside, the BF had his back to the stores on the other side of the walkway. There was a Pandora store, so my sight was set. After we were finished with our drinks and relaxing, we headed in there.

Pandora is a beautiful place and I am sad I have never been in there before. The prices are really good, and each piece of jewelry is so pretty. I had remembered that a while ago on Twitter (my twitter is @tiffanyamber_b btw. That shameless self promo though), there was screenshots from the Pandora website of these gorgeous rings going around. The rose gold Princess Ring caught my eye right away. I had my ring size fitted, and my love paid for it. He is the sweetest, and I am so appreciative of everything he does. He offered to pay for it, which is such a kind gesture. I am constantly spoiled by him and his love. We saw such a pretty view after we left, and on the way to eat.


After Pandora, we got something to eat at this small restaurant called Flo Jos, which he kept calling Flo Jobs. Typical man. He ordered a beer, and it came in a half-yard size.


Insane. He enjoyed it though.

After dinner, we strolled around some more, and sat at another cafe, to pass time. We headed back to where we needed our transportation, and it was a hilarious way back. His phone died, and his energy kicked in. He was making jokes the whole time, and we used my snapchat for the filters. It was really funny. He was being his goofy self that I love so much, and although he drove me crazy, I did laugh a lot. The view on the way back was beautiful as well. It was around 8 pm, so the sun was quite low, and it made for a gorgeous scenery.


We got back to town, stopped at a Mexican bar for a few drinks, then headed home, where we watched a movie and passed out. Being out and about in the warm weather with constant walking gets to you, and you sleep REAL good. (I also hit over 20,000 steps on my FitBit yesterday, so that was a plus as well.)

Overall, it was such a great day. Innsbruck is gorgeous and these kind of days with my boyfriend is what I treasure.

I hope y’all have a good week ahead of you! Cheers!



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