Starting My Weight Loss Journey!

Hey y’all!

SO, I am sure that like the majority of people, I have been on the struggle of trying to lose weight without full on committing to it. It is something that occurs often within people, and I know very well how difficult it is to stay on top if it. Going from your regular eating habits to healthier options, or from your regular day routine to including time to work out? Most people like consistency, and that consistency is comfortable for us. I am so guilty when it comes to sticking to changing my lifestyle. While I do want to look better and become happier with my body, I just want to become healthier overall. I am doing it for the better of my health and life, as well as becoming more confident in my own skin.

Naturally, each new year, I make it a goal to lose weight. I do very well, and I start to believe in myself – then two weeks later, I am back to square one. No matter how hard I try or push myself, I tend to find any little excuse to not work out, or to eat that bag of chips. This time, I am determined to make it different! I am going to list some of my motivation ideas or ways that are helping me stick to my new routine. This will be such a long post, but please stay tuned! It may be worth it and introduce you to new ideas.

  1. I have a FitBit! Given that it was a hand-me-down from my mother, it still has kept me going. It sounds completely cheesy, but the goal of 10,000 steps per day is oddly motivating. It also makes you realize that you do walk a lot more than you think you do during the day. Even on a slower day, I do try and make it a point to reach that goal. It is really cool to see how much you walk on a day when you are on a day trip or on a night out. One night, I reached up to 30,000 steps. The FitBit also tells you your heart rate, how many miles you have done, how many calories have been burned and how many flights of stairs you have done. Overall, I think the FitBit is a good start to working out, because it is very detailed and if you give yourself those daily goals – you will do what you can to achieve them.
  2. WATER! know this is something that we all are tired of hearing, but it is a large part of losing weight. Personally, I like my water very cold. Lukewarm water is difficult for me to drink. I invested in a water bottle that is insulated and keeps the water cool for a longer time than normal bottles, and ice does not melt as fast either. That was such a plus for me, along with the fact that it is cute. I have the 24 oz Insulated bottle from Polar Bottle. I saw it in a sports section of a store, and it was a great purchase. When I am at home, I have a large 48 oz bottle from PINK, and I stick that in the fridge when it is not at use so I have it ready when I need it. I try and drink at least 2 liters (about 66 oz) of water a day. Not only does it assist in weight loss – it clears up your skin, flushes out the toxins in your body, helps hydrate you, and, I’m sure this is accurate for other people as well, it is a great way to fill up so you are not as hungry as often. This is something I have noticed personally, and I love it. The downside is how much you have to pee, but it is something you get used to.
  3. Healthy Eating!! I know this is also annoying to hear as well. Diet is 80% of weight loss, after all. The hardest thing for me to do was give up chips. We all have those foods that we are completely addicted to, and a nice bag of chips is a food that I always crave. Ugh, just typing this makes me think of a bag of Hot Funyons. My ultimate weakness. ANYWAY! There are ways around this. There are always substitutes. I found this snack called Veggie Sticks, and there are a variety of flavors. My favorite are the Zesty Ranch Veggie Sticks, and I have a handful when I am really feeling a craving (I only allow this about once a week). Aside from that, I meal prep. On Sundays, I flavor and cook either chicken, turkey or shrimp. I am always open to new ideas of flavoring, but so far, my favorite is putting all spice, garlic powder and black pepper. I cook the meat, and place them in different containers and put them in the freezer, so on each night, I take a container out, place in the fridge and let it thaw out so it is ready the next day. In the morning, I make my favorite strawberry instant oatmeal from Quaker (where I use milk instead of water). After I make it, I prepare my salad for lunch. I use the meat I had taken out, along with either spinach or lettuce. I add black pepper to my salad (I LOVE black pepper, must be the southern in me – I also don’t really like salad dressing) and that is that. I take it with me to work and I am set. My snacks are either a rice cake with peanut butter, or a yogurt of some kind. I am not that picky with my dinner, I just tend to have a smaller portion than what I would usually have. I look to Pinterest a lot, and have a whole board dedicated to healthy meals (my Pinterest is tiffaaaanyxx btw, MORE SHAMELESS SELF PROMO).  You will see a lot of chicken on there, for that is my favorite thing ever. I follow the recipes on there often and I am loving it. It definitely makes healthy eating easier and much more tasty. Yum.
  4. Weirdly, music is a big part of my personal weight loss. I like to have music that makes me want to move. Good ideas are to go onto whichever music app you like, and create a playlist of pumped up music to get you going. Just an example – 24K Magic by Bruno Mars, Side to Side by Ariana Grande, or Work From Home by 5H always, always, ALWAYS gets me going. It makes me want to dance like it’s my job and makes it easier to move. I have a whole playlist made for when I work out, and it somehow manages to bring my mood up, even in my worst working out mood. Maybe I’ll make a playlist of my recommended songs?
  5. Having a work out that you actually like makes it easier as well. I hate running, and although I try and make a point of running a few times a week for at least 20 minutes, I dread it. However, I enjoy a nice stationary bike. Either that, or some form of the stair master. Along with those, pilates is my FAVORITE. My all time go to is Blogilates. Cassey Ho is an instructor on YouTube, with the channel name Blogilates, who puts me in such a good mood and keeps me going strong. She is so motivating and positive, it is difficult to give up. It is a great form of toning, and she has a variety of routines. She has these monthly calendars that have a different area of focus each day of the week, and each day has different work out videos on to follow. I have been following her for about two years, and it was one of the best decisions ever. She also has great recipes to follow, so check her out!
  6. Always finding time. This is the easiest thing to push aside. I know, because I tend to try and do it often. While there are some days where it is basically impossible, it is important to try every other day. If I work mornings, I find time when I am off work. If I work afternoons or evenings, I do it in the morning. I try and put aside at least 2-3 hours a day. Time to work out and rest/shower. This is one of the most important parts of working out. There is always time, and while it is so easy to make an excuse – STICKING TO IT IS IMPORTANT!
  7. My last piece of advice (although I shouldn’t be one to give advice with this, but I am trying hard and want to document my journey and keep myself motivated with y’all) is keeping a journal. I ordered a diary/journal from Blogilates (see #5) and I keep track of what I eat daily and what I do when I work out. I will insert pictures in another blog post, going into more detail into it. It also has space to write down how much water you drink, how much sleep you get, and any tasks you just need to do during the day. It is a planner and work out journal in one, and I love it. Worth the price. I find that when I have to write down what I do, it keeps me motivated. I want to write down and look back and be proud of myself for what I did, so I make it a point to fill it out and stay on top of it.

This was such a long post, but I do hope you read it. While I am not the best at staying on track of losing weight, and am in NO way a professional, this is just what I find that works. I hope you find something in this post that works for you, and we can go on this journey together! I will keep this updated on my journey and make sure to post any positive steps or struggles I encounter. Everyone has a different experience, but I would like to stay positive on it. Here is to being happy with my health and my success!



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