Beautiful Summer Day!

Hey y’all!

I’d like to start off by apologizing for not posting in so long. Some personal issues came up that I had to deal with.

SO yesterday, Sunday – June 12th, I had quite the lovely summer day. I headed towards this mountain in the alps of Germany called The Wank. I am most definitely not a hiker (anyone who knows me does know this to be true), so my parents and I took the cable car up the mountain. It took about 20 minutes, and the view was beautiful the whole way up.


This was about halfway up the mountain. It only got more beautiful when we got to the very top, and went outside.



We stayed here and looked out onto the view for about five minutes, then continued to hike up a bit more. It was pretty steep for about ten minutes, but the view at the top, with this restaurant called Wankhaus, was worth it.


Right by the restaurant that is at the top, there is a wooden addition that is called the Wank Yoga (or Yoga Want, I can’t really remember – oops) and it leads to an even better view. I guess this area is for yoga instructors to hold classes, and I can’t say I didn’t consider looking up taking a class just for this view –


I MEAN COME ON. You literally see all of Garmisch and Partenkirchen. On the center mountain, that little blue and white line is called Eibsee. I am hoping to go there next weekend, so look out for those pictures perhaps? Most likely.

I’m not gonna complain; I did complain a lot while going up that hill and going down. I didn’t have the right shoes on, so I was slipping and hurt my ankle slightly on the rocks, and I really don’t like hiking, but the view was worth it (although I will never admit this to my parents).

After we hiked down, we went to a restaurant and ate. My parents and I had the same lunch, which was turkey schnitzel, fries with a little salad on the side. It was one of the best schnitzels that I have had. I can’t get over how delicious that was. I’m drooling thinking of it. We sat outside, and there was yet another lovely view.


LITERALLY TO THE LEFT OF ME. It seems so unreal, but so true. It was also so warm, it was about 77’F (25’c), and my shoulders ended up being burnt after being out there for an hour. After we ate, we sat on a bench overlooking the mountains some more, then took the cable car back down. It was such a lovely view even all the way down, and it is something I would be more than thrilled to do again. There is something so serene about being that high in the mountains and overlooking so much land. Nature can be so peaceful and gorgeous.

Since the rest of the day ended up being so hot (it ended up being about 86’F (30’C), which is really hot for here), I laid out in the back yard for two hours and worked on this tan. I ended up with a pretty bad burn, but I know it’ll fade to a lovely bronze in a few days, so I’m pushing through the struggles right now.

My parents and I decided to go eat some ice cream around 7 pm, since it was still warm out. We walked along the river there and back, and of course, there are more beautiful pictures coming your way.


This was on the way back, and I decided to step down the rocks and put my feet in the water. Since this is all fresh water from the alps, it was SO cold. I took my feet out right away, and just looked around instead.


I feel so artsy for all these photos, especially with the way that the sun is hitting the water and the rocks. I just had to post this to Instagram (my instagram is @tiffaaaannyxx btw, MORE SHAMELESS SELF PROMO. LOL.) because I feel like these type of pictures should be shared.

I am fortunate to be able to experience these types of views daily, and I am appreciative for it. I hope you liked it too, and I will gladly post more posts about trips if that is something that interests y’all.

Overall, I had a great day. It was an amazing way to relax after the stress I endured, and it gave me really good family time with my parents. We may drive each other crazy, but I do love them and how much they do for me. I am grateful for the time we have together. Even doing something as small as getting ice cream is fun and I cherish the small things.

Today is Monday and while it was more beautiful weather – it is yet another week. Reality sets every Monday. Let’s push through this!

Have a great week!



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